What is the ELI Assessment?

The Energy Leadership Index (ELI) assesses how we show up energetically in normal times as well as when encountered by a stressor. As an individual, we view the world through filters based on experiences, values, and assumptions — they either limit what we see (like tunnel vision) or expand it (like a prism). People unconsciously develop these filters and they significantly impact how we perceive life. Ultimately affecting how you show up in various situations and even holding you back from realizing the full potential in yourself or your career.

The ELI applies metrics to these filters and assesses how they influence results you are trying to achieve. Looking at where we spend the most time in 7 various levels of energy and where we default under stress, for instance. In addition, the ELI studies satisfaction in key areas of life, leadership styles and tendencies, as well as uncovering real areas of stress in one’s life.

Furthermore, it is an attitudinal assessment, not personality-based, and puts a numeric value to the types of energy a person experiences and expresses.


For Who: Leaders and Individuals looking for more self-awareness, mindset shifts, and conscious living.

What: Assessment focused on energy, leadership skills, satisfaction in key areas of life, mindset, triggers, and our conscious awareness.

When: The ELI Assessment can be done at any time. Email Heather.Lowey@gmail.com to set yours up today.

Where: First, an online form will be emailed to you. Next, a series of 60 questions are answered and submitted. Finally, a one-hour debrief of the results will take place over the phone.

Why: Awareness. Living life through a lens of consciously choosing our reactions and mindset. Then deciding where we want to be energetically in any given moment.

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What People are Saying about

the ELI Assessment…

“As a coaching professional and leader, I found the Energy Leadership Index (ELI) assessment to be a great tool in creating awareness.”

“A great tool for understanding how our “lens” or beliefs dictate our natural approach to situations. This is important for two reasons.

1- It allows us to be more intentional about how we are being, rather than letting our auto-pilot steer us through life.

2- It enables us to understand others, to consider their experience, and better communicate through shared language, beyond the surface of a single reaction.

So much to take away from this process!”

– Amy Wick, Coaching Professional & Leader

“I am a self-improvement junkie and this particular assessment was unlike any other I’ve taken. It helped me have a better grasp of not only where my energy is most impactful, but also a deeper level of understanding of specific situations that drain me. Not to mention, Heather was amazing at coaching me through the feelings associated with each of my energy levels.

I left our debrief coaching session with some practical next steps I want to implement in order to continue being the next best version of myself. Thank you Heather for making this easy to understand and creating a non-judgmental space to be open, honest, and real.”

– Brooke Winings, Owner & Operator of A Dreamer + A Doer

“Going through the ELI Assessment with Heather was truly eye-opening!”

“The ELI assessment was fascinating!”

“It helped me better understand when I’m simply reacting out of habit versus when I’m responding intentionally to situations and stressors. The ELI also helped me put words to many of those feelings and behaviors to better recognize them in the future as well. The process was very easy and enjoyable (thanks to Heather!) and the benefits far outweighed any time commitment.”

– Stevie Cromer, People & Culture Director at LUNA Language Services

“The ELI process was incredibly informative and really helped me evaluate how I handle different situations in my personal and professional life. The assessment gave me insight into how I think and process during times of stress. Additionally, the feedback allowed me to reflect on my behavior and begin making necessary adjustments to continue to improve.”

– Nick Holland, Sports Industry Professional

“Incredibly informative!”