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Workshops & Motivational Speaking Events are not only great for individuals,

but also serve as amazing opportunities for team bonding. While I have base

topics and exercises, I enjoy creating your ideal event to motivate and inspire

the team or organization. Always with a focus on actionable takeaway items.


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Why Workshops?

Workshops are a great platform for not only team bonding, but also to learn and grow as an individual. I take great pride in working with companies, departments, and individuals to create their ideal workshop.

First and foremost, we will look at what you want to accomplish from a workshop. What is the end result, for instance, in the experience you want your team to take away. Then we will plug this into one of the base workshops and create an experience catered to your specific team.

Goal setting is one such workshop. Through an AIM SMART process, we’ll look at how to stay engaged and purposeful throughout the process of a goal, not just solely focused on the end result. This is particularly important because we can lose motivation in a long-term goal if we don’t feel in the present.

Effective Feedback

Feedback is a part of our every day lives. Often, we think of feedback being a leader providing insights for improvement. While that is one avenue of feedback, day in and day out, we receive feedback in everything from the way someone looks at us to verbal, directive communication. 

Effective feedback should increase the receiver’s motivation and inspire a resource for change. But how? In this workshop, we look at various ways of giving feedback. Discussing the three common shortfalls of feedback and ways to ensure our message is not only heard, but received with openness. Following a thought-feeling-action model, participants take pause and identify what successful feedback looks like for them. 

Balancing the Work-Life Equation

Balance. Does this word fill you with peace or trepidation? What does balance look like for you as well as your company?

Before we can lead and inspire others, we first want to sign our own permission slip, allowing ourselves the space to reflect and understand our own version of balance. Only then can we inspire behaviors and mindsets for company well-being. 

AIM SMART Goals Workshop

How often do we set goals only to find them unachievable? Even just frustrated with the process after the initial excitement wanes. How do we stay engaged and present in our goals throughout the process, not just solely focused on the end? 

In the AIM SMART Goals Workshop, we work through hands on activities and discussion around mindset, choice & reframe, and strengths first. Only after setting the stage with personal awareness, do we then move to actual goal setting in an AIM SMART process with feeling and strategy at the core. Each attendee should anticipate walking away with at least one personal and one professional related goal from our time together. 

Managing Stress in Leadership

Worry ~ Anxiety ~ Productivity ~ Comparison.

Just a few words to describe potential sources of stress in business leaders. Something we may feel are a necessary part of BEING a leader.

Instead, what if we analyzed their existence a bit more? In fact, acknowledged those feelings before picking a path forward. This workshop focuses on creating personal tools to successfully move from overwhelmed boss to impactful leader.

Energy Leadership Workshop

Think back to a favorite boss or a dynamic leader in your own life. What are the things they did which stick out to you in this moment? Chances are, they were an anabolic leader. In addition, no matter your title, EVERYONE can be a leader.

In this workshop, we discuss the differences in catabolic and anabolic leadership. Through activities focused on recognition of the energy levels, we will create a path forward. One bringing forth empathy, conscious leadership, and a focus on opportunity and solutions. Furthermore, creating a choice in our leadership style and how we “show up” for our people.


What People are Saying about

Workshops & Speaking Engagements with Heather…

Heather’s training was incredible and super informative. Our attendees learned a lot about how to engage their personal and professional values to live a more integrated and balanced life. It was a great way for members to take a pause to reflect and to have actionable takeaways.”

Emily & INARF / Ability Indiana

“Heather was a pleasure to work with, and I’d recommend her training to anyone looking to better their work culture.”

“Attendees really enjoyed engaging in the programming and left with great strategies for overcoming their personal obstacles to achieving a more balanced life as defined by their own values.”

Heather facilitated a workshop on Balancing the Work-Life Equation for our Chamber members as we focused on supporting professionals trying to recover from the strains of COVID-19 on business. Her tone and content fit beautifully within the bigger picture programming we aimed to provide to our members, and she was extremely well-received. Heather led participants through interactive activities with time for personal reflection and small group work. We would LOVE to work with Heather again in the future!

Cassie H. & Crawfordsville Chamber of Commerce


Heather’s presentation on worry, anxiety, comparison and managing it all was incredibly relevant and applicable in so many ways. She shared simple but actionable ways to process and manage our individual worries that I can use both professionally and personally. Members of the WISE Greater Raleigh chapter have repeatedly commented on how helpful and relevant Heather’s workshop was for each of them. I highly recommend Heather as a speaker and professional development leader! 

Abby B. & WISE (Women in Sports & Entertainment)

“Heather brings relatable examples and experiences to her audience and her energy is infectious!”

“Our staff was so engaged we immediately invited her back to do a follow-up event a few weeks later!”

Heather recently presented an AIM Your Goals workshop at my office and did an outstanding job! She easily connected with those in attendance and created a brave space for people to openly and willingly share and discuss both professional and personal goals.  Her energy was high as well as warm throughout. She set the tone for inclusion and an experience free of judgment from the moment the workshop began. It was an all around wonderful and worthwhile experience!

Stevie C. & LUNA Language Services


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