Workbook and Coaching Series supporting you in answering the question:

“What’s Next?”


My joy is witnessing someone step into the best version of themselves.

The Transformation Program supports this by promoting individual clarity

through a self-reflective workbook process coupled with coaching sessions


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What is the Transformation Program?

Story Time!

Over the last few years, I went through a transformation. The biggest piece of this being a leap from a corporate job that for almost two decades had brought me a lot of joy and satisfaction. Until seemingly one day, it didn’t. Hear more about this on the Rising Tide podcast interview.

If I’m honest with myself, the itch to do something different was there for a while. I just chose to keep ignoring it. In fact, I chose NOT to self-reflect and even continued pushing forward doing the same things over and over again expecting different results. (Isn’t that the definition of insanity??) It took a lot of time, soul searching, tears, and confusion for me to get to a place where I was ready to answer the “What’s Next?” question for myself.

Because of this, I created a program. It’s designed specifically to support you in pulling yourself out of the “keep doing the same thing over and over expecting different results” zone and into clarity.

Rooted in first discovery, then exploration, and finally action, the workbook enables you time, space, tools, and accountability. Additionally, coupled with a coaching series, I partner with and challenge you. Together, we will work on “What’s Next?” for your Transformation.


To that end, if this stirs something within your heart or mind, schedule a free discovery session. I look forward to discussing with you details around the Transformation Program and how I can best support you in achieving joy and ultimately satisfaction!

More Information on the Transformation Process

Do You Find Yourself...

Pondering the “What’s Next” question on your journey? 

Lost about what your purpose is in this stage of life? 

Wondering what else is out there for you? 

Thinking, “this CAN’T be all there is, can it?” 

Seeking to fill a sometimes inexplicable void? 

Self-Reflective Workbook & Coaching Series to Support You...

Establish boundaries around your time, allowing space to answer questions you have about your life.

Self-Reflect on your values and their fulfillment; limiting beliefs zapping your energy; and clarity of purpose. 

Understand YOUR why. Looking at who you are, then creating action steps to actually live it out. 

Explore your network and maximize your impact. 


Clarity of Values

Understanding of Your Unique Gifts & Talents

Energy Motivators & Detractors Specific to You

Personal Mission Statement

Sustainable Action Plan to Fulfill Your Vision

Updated Resume & LinkedIn (if applicable)

Frequently Asked Questions...

Timeframe: 6-8 months.

Cadence of Coaching Sessions: Every two weeks.

Time Commitment: 1-2 hours per week of reflection. 1-1.5 hour coaching sessions every other week.

Cost: Set up a discovery session to learn more here.

What is included: Workbook, 12 Coaching Sessions, Energy Leadership Index Assessment & Debrief, Accountability Check-Ins, and more.


You still have questions? That is OKAY! Change is not for the faint of heart.


I get it... Change can feel big and scary.

But as someone who has walked through it, I would love the chance to talk to you more about your story. Let’s chat. Then you choose if you want to commit. I look forward to connecting soon!


What People are Saying about the Transformation Program: 

Transformation Coaching Program


Before the Transformation program, I felt like a hitchhiker in the journey of my own life, waiting for something to come along for me — something that may or may not ever come. Now I feel as if I have a direction and I feel more confident.


The Transformation Coaching program really helped me answer questions about myself. It was wild how little I knew about myself before starting.  Her workbooks asked questions supporting me in narrowing down interests, priorities, and goals – which I had always avoided due to feeling overwhelmed. We then set goals and prioritized the things I needed to do to reach them.


Heather tailored her program to my speed when I needed to spend more time on certain topics. She offers a fresh, outside perspective that is unbiased, open-minded, and trustworthy. I feel as if I have known her my whole life. She is a great coach! 


-Aly Bontrager


Transformation Coaching Program


Heather is an amazing coach!


Through her guidance and thought partnership, I manuevered through multiple life events. This included career changes as well as changes in my family dynamic. She has an open heart and an open mind, in turn creating a safe space to share and work through your thoughts. If you need a coach, Heather is the one! 


-Regina, Paralegal Professional